Design the first watch for children

After children entering elementary school, most parents' nightmare start from continuous reminder to their kids about when to do their homework, when to take shower, time to go to bed...etc. and it just never ends. Helping your kids to learn time management naturally is the core of JUMPY design concept.

As a JUMPY designer and a parent, we want JUMPY to be every child's first watch and able to accompany them in their childhood growth.

Exercise time!

Time to eat!


Having problem communicating with your kids? Don't worry, JUMPY Pet, a cute little puppy can help you deliver your love to your kids. It has voices and funny postures, and it will also remind your kids about their daily routine such as wake-up time, eat, drink water, exercise, sleep and more. Jumpy Pet is your kid's best friend.

Time Management

JUMPY Reminder can help schedule your kid's daily activities and remind them on events such as "wake up", "brush teeth", "eat", "drink water", "study", "exercise" and more.




Countdown Timer

Parent-Child or Peer to Peer interaction

JUMPY has many built-in applications. JUMPY Step Counter can help kids establish a good exercise habit. JUMPY Interactive Story can bring more fun to reading. And JUMPY Messaging allows open communication which brings family and friends closer.

Jumpy Messaging

Kids can use messaging function from JUMPY to exchange all types of messages including voice, emoticons and drawings to other JUMPY friends or mobile devices. It can bring closer relationship with family and friends.

JUMPY Step Counter

From "Animal farm", "Simon says", and "Pet"step counters, each with different theme which adds more variety and fun to lead your children to exercise. Parents can monitor their daily exercise record from "JUMPY Connect" on their mobile device.

JUMPY Interactive Story

By listening to the story while following the instruction on each page, children can interact with body motion at the same time.


Kids can interact with games or even control by body motions without looking at the screen all the time. This helps them develop a healthy and active life style.


Wave your hands to play different instruments.

JUMPY Voice Changer

Record voice and playback with different funny voice.

JUMPY Hero Fight

Choose different weapons and combat with your friends.

JUMPY Sphereo Control

Control your Sphero ball by joystick, draw path, hand motion and voice control.

JUMPY Is Every Parent's Best Helper

Setup reminder and alarm for self-time management

Setup reminder and alarm for self-time management

Let JUMPY be your kid's guardian angel

Learn more about your children's personality

JUMPY Selection

Designed for kids between the age of 5 to 8 years old. It comes with four colors - Green, Pink, Blue and Orange.

Interchangeable bands

JUMPY watch band is interchangeable so children can decide what style they want for today

Removable main body

Main body can be removed for easy carry and maintain.

Safe and Easy-to-Use Design

JUMPY's overall design is simple and safe, keeping our kids out of harm's way. We considered every details, including materials, rounded edges, screen size and even device recharging. Your kids will have no problems using JUMPY from the very beginning.


Powered by Android, JUMPY Core runs smoothly on a Dual core CPU. With the addition of a gyroscope, G-Sensor and a large 1.6 inches screen.


Height: 13mm

Length: 49mm

Width: 43mm


1.6" touch (240x240)




Dual Core CPU




Bluetooth 4.0,wifi


Waterproof Microphone

Waterproof Speaker





The JUMPY strap is made of rubber material that complies with ASTM 963, EN71 of the standard consumer safety specification on toy safety. Thus skin irritation, radiation, rigid angle and other measures have been strictly considered during the design and manufacture of JUMPY straps.

JUMPY Color Selection






202 mm (Age 5-8)


46 mm (Core area)

25 mm (Strap area)