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    Is JUMPY safe for children?

    The overall ID design has simple, comfort and safe in mind. All materials are complied with standard consumer safety specifications (ASTM F963, EN71). Radiation safety also passed FCC regulation.

    JUMPY functions and special features

      - Setup time management on your mobile device

      - A virtual pet which can interact with your kids

      - Send secret messages between friends and parent

      - Interactive games

      - Please refer to official website for more details

      Phone or Tablet Application features (JUMPY Connect)

      • Setup daily time management
      • Send message thru Bluetooth (15 meters)
      • Search for JUMPY device thru Bluetooth (15 meters)
      • Built-in games to interact with your kids (JUMPY Hero Fight and Band)

      System Compatibility with your phone or tablet

      - Android 4.1 or above

      - iOS not supported

      JUMPY waterproof standard

      JUMPY Is IP54 certified which means you can use it for shower, but should NEVER immerse into water such as swimming activity

      Is JUMPY fireproof?

      No. Please keep it away from heat or any high temperature area.

      My JUMPY surface feels warm when charging, is it normal?

      Yes, it is normal and safe to use.

      What is my warranty period?

      12 months

      Contact customer support

      Customer Support mailbox – [email protected]

      Facebook –

      Where to download and install JUMPY Connect?

      1. Go to Google Play and search for “JUMPY Connect” by JUMPY team to download
      2. Register new account by email or use existing account
      3. Enable Bluetooth on your device

      How to perform JUMPY watch software upgrade?

      1. Login to JUMPY Connect on your mobile device
      2. Press “Menu” selection on top-left of the page
      3. Choose “Settings” from the menu
      4. Choose “Watch Settings” inside the “Settings”
      5. Enable your Wifi and setup Wifi account, make sure both your phone/tablet and JUMPY is connected on the same network
      6. From JUMPY, select “Settings” -> Other Settings -> Software upgrade