Jerry Chang

About Us

Founded in May, 2014, Joyray Tech. is an innovative company focusing on smart watch for children between the ages of 5 to 8 years old. The core team members are specialized in hardware and software integration, interactive games and other application development. "JUMPY"is the first launched product by Joyray Tech. and can also be seen as the world's first parent-child interactive smart watch with many special features such as super hero games, secret voice messaging, education, virtual pet and much more to come.

Our Vision

Children established their time concept from the age of 3, and then they begin to have high interest of clock and calendar at the age of 5. In first grade, they learn about how to read the analog clock. It helps them not only learn how to read time, but also developing time management into their daily life and becomes a good habit.

The founder Jerry Chang himself is a proud father with 2 kids. He has learned from his family and began the concept of JUMPY smart watch design for children. By combining both hardware and software with game and exercise applications, JUMPY creates a brand new way of parent-child interactive experience by adding both learning and fun into daily life. Between the ages of 5 to 8 years old is the golden learning period for children. Using JUMPY as a median not only to add fun to their daily life, it can also help children to learn time and self management. Furthermore, parents can be more involved and understanding about their children's personality and interests and provide proper assistance during this golden period.